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Center for Structural Biochemistry at Northeastern University

Our Mission

Understanding structural and functional relationships amongst signaling proteins

Lab News

“This Mysterious On-Off Switch Holds Clues to New Cancer Treatments”

Extra, extra, read all about it: News@Northeastern recently published an article about our work and the grant we recently received from the National Science Foundation.

Crystal Structure Reveals the Full Ras–Raf Interface and Advances Mechanistic Understanding of Raf Activation

Crystalizing the CRD: Nice job Trinity! Our paper published in Biomolecules showcases the first high-resolution structure of the Raf Kinase cystein-rich domain (CRD) bound to Ras providing insight into the role of this domain.Abstract Ras and Raf-kinase interact...

Raf promotes dimerization of the Ras G-domain with increased allosteric connections

Digging into Dimerization: Way to go Morgan, Jillian, and the team! Our paper published in PNAS demonstrates robust dimerization of Ras induced by the Ras-binding domain (RBD) of Raf Kinase.Significance Ras GTPases, KRas, HRas, and NRas control cell proliferation via...